Dig Deeper: Fossil Bank Financing by Client

This page adds another level of detail to the numbers published in Banking on Climate Change 2020. Here you can see each bank’s fossil financing broken down by fossil fuel company. And, for each fossil fuel company, you can see which banks are behind it.

You can also see which banks are headed in the right direction and which aren’t, using the financing trends tool.

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the Data

Use the drop-down menu to explore detailed data by bank or by fossil fuel company.

Note: these numbers don’t indicate the total amount that a given bank has financed a given company; rather, these numbers represent the amount of financing attributable to fossil fuels that a bank has provided to a given company.

Please keep this in mind when referencing these figures. For example, “JPMorgan Chase provided Enbridge with $1.4 billion in fossil fuel financing.” (Not, “JPMorgan Chase financed Enbridge with $1.4 billion”)

M = millions USD


the Stories

These case studies show how banks’ fossil fuel financing impacts real people and places.

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