The world’s 60 biggest banks poured
over 6 years into the fossil fuel industry, driving climate chaos & causing deadly local community impacts.

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The Dirty Dozen

The Worst Banks Since the Paris Agreement

Top 12 banks financing fossil fuels globally, 2016–2021

Fossil Fuel Financing

From The World’s 60 Biggest Banks

Lending and underwriting to the fossil fuel sector

Financing the Biggest Expanders

Financing For the Top 20 Upstream Oil and Gas Expanders

The Global Oil & Gas Exit List shows that upstream oil and gas expansion is remarkably concentrated: the top 20 companies are responsible for more than half of resources under development and spending on exploration for new reserves. Bank support for those companies is also remarkably concentrated: the top 10 bankers of those top 20 companies are responsible for 63% of the companies’ big-bank financing since Paris. Banks need to cut off the flow of financing to any company expanding fossil fuels, and these top expanders are a key litmus test.

Only 16 of the 20 companies appear on the graph because the remaining four did not receive financing led by these 10 banks over the time period in question.
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Financing By Year & Sector

Use the drop-down menu to explore the patterns in bank financing for fossil fuels over time and by sector. Click on any colored label on the x-axis to show or hide that data.

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Financing By Bank or Client

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These figures add up financing where a given bank plays a leading role in a transaction with a given fossil fuel company, and are scaled by the fossil fuel intensity of that company.


Policy Score By Sector

The Oil and Gas Policy Tracker and Coal Policy Tool excerpted below rate and compare banks’ fossil fuel financing policies. Learn more at and

Oil and Gas Policy Tracker

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